Dr. James M. Cox

Dr. James M. Cox Interview

Inge Yochum

Inge Yochum, Terry’s wife, April 2010

Whitey Herzog

Terry Yochum and Whitey Herzog, former St. Louis Cardinals Manager and Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee (2010), August 2008

Whitey Herzog Presentation

Whitey Herzog, “Talking Cardinal Baseball” with Intro Song by Frank Sinatra, St. Louis, MO., April 2008

Al Hrabosky

Terry Yochum and Al Hrabosky, the “Mad Hungarian,” major league pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Fox Sports announcer, October 2015

Coach Ray Cliffe

Terry Yochum and Coach Ray Cliffe, Terry’s high school baseball coach, April 2007

Loretta Booth

Terry Yochum and Loretta Booth, Terry’s high school mathematics teacher, April 2010

Philip Yochum

Philip Yochum, Terry’s son, October 2015

Dr. Alicia Yochum

Dr. Alicia Yochum, Terry’s daughter, October 2015

Kay Morris

Terry Yochum and Kay Morris, Terry’s sister and dance partner, April 2008

Fred Weissmann

Fred Weissmann, lifelong friend and teammate, April 2007

Jon White

Terry Yochum and Jon White, Terry’s childhood and high school friend, April 2007

Bill Roussin

Terry Yochum and Bill Roussin, Terry’s lifelong friend and first catcher, April 2012

Rusty Newman

Rusty Newman, Terry’s left-handed pitching teammate and close friend, April 2007

Judge William Lohmar

Terry Yochum and Judge William Lohmar, Terry’s Sigma Chi Fraternity pledge father and catcher from SEMO, May 2011

Dr. William Droege

Dr. William Droege, Terry’s teammate and colleague, April 2007

Dr. Joseph Howe             Dr. Gary Guebert and     Dr. Norman Kettner

Dr. Joseph Howe, Dr. Gary Guebert and Dr. Norman Kettner, April 2007

Dr. Bruce Farkas

Terry Yochum and Dr. Bruce Farkas, osteopathic radiologist who trained Terry in Chicago, January 2008

Dr. Joel Green and       Dr. Doug Davison

Dr. Joel Green, teammate and professional colleague and Dr. Doug Davison, professional colleague, April 2007

Kent Greenawalt

Kent Greenawalt, close friend and President of Footlevelers Inc., June 2010

Terry Yochum Interviewed by
Fred Weissmann

Dr. Terry R. Yochum, interviewed by lifelong friend and teammate Fred Weissmann, May 2011

Terry Yochum
MRI Lecture

Dr. Terry R. Yochum, lecturing on MRI of the lumbar spine, St. Louis, MO, April 2008